Democratic Majority for Israel is on the campaign trail!

Pro-Israel Democrats are attending events, asking candidates questions about their positions, and pledging to caucus and vote for candidates who support a strong U.S. alliance with Israel.

We are organizing in Iowa and New Hampshire, and sending a clear message that Democrats support the U.S. – Israel relationship. We’ve held organizing summits, debate watch parties, and are working with pro-Israel Democrats to engage in state caucuses and primaries.

We also worked in California, along with several pro-Israel organizations, to ensure that the state Democratic Party rejected a series of anti-Israel amendments to the party platform. The amendments, none of which passed, would have threatened the existence of Israel as a Jewish state, cut off all aid to Israel and endorsed the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) targeting Israel. Over 850 delegates worked to defeat the amendments, along with party leaders, activists and elected officials. You can read more about our efforts here: California Democrats vote down ‘highly flawed anti-Israel’ amendment to party platform.

To learn more about our work in states across the country, contact us at [email protected]. View videos and photos of our work across the country below.

Videos from candidate events:

A DMFI supporter in New Hampshire asked Mayor Pete Buttigieg about criticism of Israel that crosses the line into antisemitism.

Senator Cory Booker responds to an anti-Israel group with grace and understanding after being shouted down and heckled.

A voter asks Senator Kamala Harris: “…Would you re-enter the agreement or re-negotiate better terms?”

Videos on California’s proposed anti-Israel amendments:

DMFI Board member Sam Lauter says we need to stay united to defeat Donald Trump and reject divisive anti-Israel amendments to the California Democratic Party platform.

CA Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel with a warning about divisive amendments to the CA Democratic Party platform.

Photos of supporters of our movement across the country!