Press Contact: Rachel Rosen, [email protected] 

July 20, 2020 Press Releases

New Poll: Democrats and Battleground Voters Overwhelmingly Support a Pro-Israel Platform, Pro-Israel Candidates and Oppose Reducing Security Assistance to Israel

"An overwhelming majority of Americans, including Democrats and voters in battleground states, consider themselves pro-Israel, oppose reducing U.S. security aid to Israel, and want the Democratic Party platform to remain at least as pro-Israel as it was in 2016. Moreover, when it comes to votes, pro-Israel Democrats do better against Republicans than those who are not aligned with the Jewish State."

July 18, 2020 Press Releases


“We stand among the mourners for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others whose lives were cut short by racism and injustice. Words are not a sufficient response to these tragic deaths; they must inspire us to action. We renew our commitment to work toward a more just and inclusive society. We stand in solidarity with black Americans who are peacefully protesting against the ongoing violence directed at their community and we are repulsed by President Trump’s continuing effort to stoke the racism infecting our society.”