Poll: An Overwhelming Majority of Democrats Consider Themselves Pro-Israel

An overwhelming majority of Americans, including Democrats and voters in battleground states, consider themselves pro-Israel, oppose reducing U.S. security aid to Israel, and want the Democratic Party platform to remain at least as pro-Israel as it was in 2016. Moreover, when it comes to votes, pro-Israel Democrats do better against Republicans than those who are not aligned with the Jewish State.

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Report: A Labour of Hate: The Role of Anti-Zionist Antisemitism in Labour’s Historic 2019 Defeat

The 2019 British election saw the Labour Party suffering its worst defeat in 84 years, losing to the Conservatives and garnering just 32% of the vote, to the Tories’ 43%. While several issues, including Brexit, played central roles in Labour’s loss, the campaign dialogue, the poll data, and the post-election analyses make clear that the anti-Zionist antisemitism displayed by Labour, and its Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, played a key role in the party’s stunning defeat — a conclusion endorsed by British analysts on all sides.

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