Following the defeat of California’s recall effort, Democratic Majority for Israel’s CEO and President Mark Mellman issued the following statement today on behalf of Democratic Majority for Israel:

“We congratulate California voters for overwhelmingly rejecting the Republican recall effort — led by Trump acolytes — and instead choosing to continue the courageous leadership of Governor Gavin Newsom.

“It is shameful that in the closing days of the campaign, the leading Republican candidate, Larry Elder, chose to follow former President Trump’s playbook, claiming without evidence — and before any votes were even counted — that the recall election results were fraudulent. Mr. Elder’s attempts to delegitimize this democratic election failed, but those who follow Trump’s dangerous precedent do further damage to our democracy.

“We also congratulate Governor Newsom for running an effective campaign while leading his state through a difficult stage in the COVID-19 pandemic. We value his leadership in the largest state in the nation and thank him for his strong support of the U.S.-Israel relationship.”