Social Media Shareables

At DMFI, we believe in the power of social media to promote awareness and encourage meaningful conversations.

We have developed a collection of shareable resources that support our mission to advance democratic values, push back against the delegitimization of Israel, and strengthen support for the U.S.-Israel alliance. As we work to push back on misinformation and support this historic and long-lasting relationship, our team needs your help to spread the word.

Join us in raising our voices on social media by sharing the resources and information below!

A Ceasefire Is Not A Solution

A conversation about Hamas

The Modern Reestablishment of the State of Israel

I Stand with Israel

AP Poll: Democrats strongly support Israel

Iron Dome missile defense system in action

Yes, Israel is in fact a country

The “Nakba” explained

The historic relationship between Democrats and Israel

Gallup Poll: A Majority of Democrats have favorable views of Israel

May 1948: Jordanians expel Jerusalem’s Jewish Community

Anti-Israel voices are using a dangerous misinformation tactic to spread lies