In response to the announcement that Israel’s opposition parties have formed a new government, pending parliamentary approval, Democratic Majority for Israel Board Co-Chairs Ann Lewis and Todd Richman released the following statement:

“On this historic day, we welcome the announcement of a new Israeli government. We note that this government will not only be expansive, including parties representing the left, right, and center of Israeli politics, it will also be inclusive, with Arabs, women, and Jews of color holding key positions. We congratulate Yair Lapid and his colleagues for achieving what many considered impossible: bringing together a broad spectrum of Israeli society to create a new unity government.

“When this government is sworn in, Israel will be the only country in the Middle East where Jews and Arabs govern together. With Mansour Abbas’ Ra’am Party joining the coalition, we are witnessing the beginning of a new chapter in Israel.

“Much work remains to be done in both countries; but with President Biden and Democrats leading America, and a new government in Israel, this will be a moment of hope and opportunity.”