Following the announcement of several key members of President-elect Joe Biden’s foreign policy and national security team, Democratic Majority for Israel President and CEO Mark Mellman issued the following statement:

“Democratic Majority for Israel applauds the Biden-Harris administration for assembling a national security and foreign policy team with broad knowledge, deep experience, and a strong commitment to the U.S.-Israel relationship. Together with the president-elect and vice president-elect, these experienced, crisis-tested professionals will begin to restore America’s world leadership.

“We look forward to working closely with all of the officials President-elect Biden appoints to his cabinet to pursue our common goals of establishing peace in the region, working with Israel to address our shared challenges while strengthening our shared values, enhancing our mutually beneficial national security interests and restoring America’s standing abroad.”

In May, DMFI was delighted to host Secretary of State nominee Antony Blinken to discuss the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship in a Biden Administration. Blinken stressed that, as president, Joe Biden will “sustain and deepen military and intelligence cooperation between our countries and ensure Israel’s quantitative military edge,” and will uphold the Obama-Biden Administration’s 10-year Memorandum of Understanding, stating Biden “would not tie military assistance to Israel to any political decisions it makes, full stop.”

Blinken reiterated the Biden administration’s support for a two-state solution, its opposition to the BDS movement and described Israel as “setting a profound example for what the rest of the region could and should be as hopefully countries evolve toward greater freedom, greater openness, and greater democracy.” During the event, Blinken read a letter of thanks to DMFI and its supporters from now President-elect Joe Biden.

We were equally excited to host Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor-designate, in an August address to our supporters. Sullivan noted that in dealing with Iran, now President-elect Biden is committed to negotiating “a follow-on agreement that does materially advance the security of the United States, of Israel and of our other regional partners as well and does hold Iran to account.”