Following the announcement by Speaker Kevin McCarthy ordering House Republicans to launch a baseless impeachment inquiry into President Biden, Democratic Majority for Israel President & CEO Mark Mellman released the following statement:

“Speaker McCarthy’s directive to House Republicans to begin an impeachment inquiry — without evidence and without the support of a House majority — speaks volumes about McCarthy’s weakness and says nothing about President Biden’s unflinching integrity. Just days ago, McCarthy promised an impeachment inquiry ‘would occur through a vote on the floor of the People’s House and not through a declaration by one person.’ Today he violated that commitment, underscoring the crass, vindictive politics behind his directive.

“House Republicans are simply not interested in addressing the pressing issues facing Americans. Instead, McCarthy made himself into a liar because saving his position is more important to him than solving America’s problems. Put simply, Republicans are moving forward with a political stunt grounded in zero evidence and bogus claims. We are confident that voters will see through this kangaroo inquiry and hold Republicans accountable for the damage they are doing to America’s democracy.”