Democratic Majority for Israel President & CEO Mark Mellman today released the following statement:

“Donald Trump reveals over and over who he is: someone willing to excuse and even support antisemitism as long as the antisemites in question support him. Donald Trump went on a show hosted by Sebastian Gorka — yet another of his key advisors with close ties to antisemitic groups — and once again spewed Jew-hating tropes about Democrats and Israel because he does not actually care about Israel or the Jewish people. He cares only about sowing division and hate for his own political advantage. In offering advice to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Trump evinced no interest in returning the hostages or dismantling Hamas. Rather, his cavalier message to Netanyahu is: ‘You have to finish it up and do it quickly and get back to the world of peace…”

“We know who Trump is — the same person who excused the ‘Jews will not replace us’ bigots in Charlottesville, who regularly repeats ancient antisemitic stereotypes, and who dines with a literal Nazi at his club.”