In response to media reports that a GOP-aligned group is running ads attacking pro-Israel Democrats, Democratic Majority for Israel released the following statement:

“The partisan smear machine has reached new lows in their dishonest attacks on pro-Israel champions, including Representatives Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07), Elaine Luria (VA-02), Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11), and Susan Wild (PA-07). Each has supported the Iron Dome missile defense system every step of the way because it protects Israeli Jews and Arabs alike from terrorist rocket attacks. The vote attacked in this trashy negative ad had nothing whatsoever to do with Israel or Iron Dome. It was about security for the Capitol Building in Washington.

“In fact, President Biden made a public promise to re-supply Israel with all of the Iron Dome equipment that it needed.

“As an organization dedicated to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, Democratic Majority for Israel knows very well who is and who isn’t pro-Israel, and Reps. Bourdeaux, Luria, Sherrill, and Wild are steadfast pro-Israel champions, which is why DMFI PAC, our separate sister organization, endorsed each in 2020.

“The Constitution gives the sponsors of these dishonest negative ads the right to lie about politicians. But it’s the wrong thing to do, and they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Democratic Majority for Israel works to maintain and strengthen support for Israel among Democrats. We are committed to doing so because we recognize that America’s relationship with Israel, the sole democracy in the Middle East, is a mutually beneficial one based on shared values and shared interests.