Democratic Majority for Israel president and CEO, Mark Mellman, released the following statement today:

“I know from long experience that political advertising can get rough, but there are boundaries and Laura Loomer’s ad crosses almost all of them. Its depiction of Congresswoman Lois Frankel—a key advocate of a strong U.S.- Israel relationship—is wholly and completely dishonest. Moreover, Loomer’s ad is divisive and bigoted, falsely fanning the flames of racism at a time when we all need to be battling it.

“Sadly, it’s no surprise that Loomer, a self-described ‘proud Islamophobe’ with a repulsive record of making xenophobic and bigoted remarks has produced this ad.

“As the Jewish community enters the days of repentance, Ms. Loomer owes an abject apology to Congresswoman Frankel, the people of South Florida, the Black community, and all Americans. The Republican Party must also join in condemning this pollution of our politics.”