MEPPA will provide needed funds to promote peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians

Democratic Majority for Israel president and CEO, Mark Mellman, released the following statement today:

“We are thrilled that the House of Representatives has passed the Middle East Partnership for Peace Act. Democratic Majority for Israel was proud to advocate on behalf of the effort. In addition to communicating our organizational support, our grassroots network sent some 500 emails to Members of Congress emphasizing the importance of this measure, which includes unprecedented funding for Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding and Palestinian economic development.

“We congratulate The Alliance for Middle East Peace for leading the advocacy work on this important bill for more than a decade. MEPPA’s passage in the House is a wonderful legacy for Chairwoman Nita Lowey whose strong leadership, dedication to peace, and commitment to the U.S.-Israel relationship made this legislation possible.

“Democratic Majority for Israel will continue to advocate for MEPPA as it advances to the Senate.”