In fact, poll of registered voters finds his support for Israel may give him a boost

Today, Democratic Majority for Israel released the findings of a comprehensive new poll that shows that President Biden’s support for Israel has not damaged his chances for reelection – and in fact could give him a modest boost with voters. Conducted by The Mellman Group, this survey offers valuable insights into the perspectives of registered voters in the United States.

“President Biden is right to stand up for Israel and this polling confirms that the voters are standing with him,” said Democratic Majority for Israel Board Co-Chair Todd Richman. “It is very easy to get lost in false narratives, but when you dig deep into what voters actually think, we see that President Biden’s support for Israel is not only not going to negatively impact him, but it could actually help.”

“The voters want clear, consistent leadership, and that is what President Biden is providing in this time of crisis for Israel,” added DMFI Board Co-Chair Ann Lewis. “A lot has been written about public opinion and how President Biden has handled the crisis — now the data are clear, voters are not going to penalize him for making the right call to stand with Israel.”

This analysis represents the findings of a survey of 1,637 registered voters in the United States. Interviews were conducted online December 7-12, 2023. The margin of error is +/-2.4% overall at a 95% level of confidence, and higher for subgroups.

Key Highlights from the Poll:

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