The poll finds fewer than a third of Democrats support an immediate, permanent ceasefire that leaves Hamas in power or hostages in their hands

Today, Democratic Majority for Israel released the findings of a comprehensive new poll commissioned to gauge public attitudes toward the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Conducted by The Mellman Group, this survey offers valuable insights into the perspectives of registered voters in the United States.

“These findings reaffirm the strong support for Israel within the Democratic Party and the broader American electorate,” said Democratic Majority for Israel Board Co-Chair Todd Richman. “Voters understand the security challenges Israel faces and are committed to the principle of a lasting peace that includes the disarmament and dismantling of Hamas and safely releasing all the hostages.”

“Voters who profess to being more well-informed on the current conflict are more likely to support Israel,” added DMFI Board Co-Chair Ann Lewis. “And if an attack of a similar scale relative to our population took place here, nearly 90% of voters would expect the U.S. to respond similarly or even more harshly than Israel has.”

According to the poll, a substantial majority of voters, including a majority of Democrats, express favorable views toward Israel and overwhelmingly align with the Jewish state in its ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Fewer than a third of Democrats wish to see an immediate, permanent ceasefire unless Hamas is disarmed and dismantled and all hostages are set free. Only 22% of Democrats think a ceasefire that leaves Hamas in control is the best outcome.

The survey, conducted online from December 7th to December 12th, 2023, included 1,637 registered voters and carries a margin of error of +/-2.42% overall at a 95% level of confidence.

Key Highlights from the Poll:

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