Democratic Majority for Israel President Mark Mellman issued the following statement after IfNotNow sent a fundraising email bragging that they were “arrested for shutting down Biden’s HQ”:

“IfNotNow, a group that doesn’t acknowledge Israel’s right to exist in any borders, is actually bragging about attacking and shutting down a campaign headquarters on the eve of an important election.


“It doesn’t really matter why, because there is no excuse for that in America. But IfNotNow is attacking a Democratic presidential campaign because they didn’t like the candidate’s choice of speaking venue.

“We have repeatedly noted that IfNotNow’s primary tactics are deception and disruption. Here they admit it. However, they aren’t just disrupting a synagogue service or a pro-Israel parade. They’re attacking a political campaign headquarters in the midst of an election.

“But this isn’t just an attack on a campaign. It’s an attack on democracy itself. Students of authoritarianism will recognize that acts like this often foreshadow the decline of democracy.

“We call upon all those committed to democracy to condemn these attacks. Specifically, organizations like J Street that spawned and promote IfNotNow and charities that fund them, like Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The Arca Foundation, should immediately suspend all funding and support for IfNotNow until the organization publicly renounces these tactics and commits to cease these attacks on our democracy.”