Democratic Majority for Israel today congratulates Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for breaking her boycott of Israel.

Congresswoman Tlaib has called on others to boycott Israeli products and businesses.

However, her own campaign website ( was built on Wix, an Israeli web development platform.

(The screenshot below taken today, February 19, 2018, reveals that the Congresswoman’s web site is built on the Wix platform.)

Tlaib’s situation is reminiscent of the late physicist Stephen Hawking, who intermittently boycotted Israel, but, while suffering from ALS, used Israeli technology to communicate his brilliant scientific work to humanity.

Israeli technology, used the world over, created the flash drive, medicine to treat Parkinson’s, a bionic walking assistance system that enables paraplegics to walk, a drug to treat Multiple Sclerosis, Waze, Mobileye, an advanced safety system that provides warnings to prevent automobile collisions, as well as Epilady, among many other innovations.

And if you use an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple Watch or Apple TV, you owe it’s functioning to chip designs from the company’s Israel facility, which is run by an Israeli Arab.

Boycotting Israel would deprive the world of these lifesaving, and life enhancing, technologies, while making peace between Israelis and Palestinians less likely.

Wix, the brainchild of three Israeli founders: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan, who conceived of the idea by accident on a Tel Aviv beach, enables users to create their own websites with no coding or design skills required. Wix now serves 110 million users in 109 countries, including the Rashida Tlaib for Congress campaign.

Democratic Majority for Israel President Mark Mellman said, “We congratulate Congresswoman Tlaib for her decision to use the best products she can find instead of discriminating against Israel in way that increases hostility, thereby making peace between Israelis and Palestinians more difficult to achieve. We need to foster economic cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians instead of encouraging boycotts. We hope Congresswoman Tlaib’s use of Israeli products indicates she has changed her mind on boycotting Israel,” concluded Mellman.

Congresswoman Tlaib’s use of Wix was first reported by the Israel Advocacy Movement of the UK.