Democratic Majority for Israel’s CEO and President Mark Mellman issued the following statement today on behalf of Democratic Majority for Israel:

“We know that the vast majority of Democrats in Congress, and elsewhere, support a strong US-Israel relationship and abhor antisemitism in any form.

“However, as active, loyal Democrats, we find it sad, and frankly disconcerting, that House Democrats cannot agree to a resolution condemning antisemitism.

“Let’s be very clear: the issue at stake here is antisemitism, not support for, or opposition to, any policy of the Israeli government. Congresswoman Omar’s remarks did not mention a single policy pursued by the Government of Israel.

“To suggest we are condemning her words because of her faith, her race, or because she disagrees with Israel’s policies is itself offensive, as well as simply untrue and belied by the facts.

“Specific policies of the Israeli government are, of course, open to debate here and in Israel, where they are contested daily, in a vigorous and democratic fashion.

“But, instead of differing with Israeli policies, Congresswoman Omar employed dangerous stereotypes, long used by antisemites, to impugn the motives of her Democratic colleagues in Congress, and of other Americans, who support a strong US-Israel relationship.

“That is antisemitism, plain and simple.

“Moreover, it comes after the FBI reported hate crimes against Jews rose by more than one-third, accounting for more than half of all religion-based hate crimes; and within months of the deadliest attack on Jews in our nation’s history.

“Democratic Majority for Israel believes that Members of Congress, Presidents and others who make anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-Latinx, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Native American, or any other racist statement, should face serious reprimand.

“In our brief organizational existence, Democratic Majority for Israel itself has called to account both President Trump and anti-Muslim West Virginia Republicans for their bigotry—including attacks against Congresswoman Omar.

“We regret that some House Democrats seem ready to condemn every form of bigotry except antisemitism.

“As this week’s events demonstrate, we have important work to do. We are even more committed to moving forward, to speaking up for our Democratic values and for America’s future.”