Following tonight’s presidential debate, Democratic Majority for Israel President and CEO Mark Mellman made the following statement:

“Donald Trump offered continuous, grotesque lies and attacked America’s core values. President Biden made clear he’s the only candidate with character and integrity. Biden underscored his commitment to defending America’s values and promised to continue fighting for American women’s reproductive rights.

“President Biden reiterated that Hamas ‘should be eliminated’ and his unwavering commitment to providing Israel ‘with every weapon it needs and when they need them.’ He also made clear that Hamas ‘is the only one who wants the war to continue…’

“There’s a clear choice in November: a future for America that’s free and democratic with President Biden’s leadership or a dangerous extremist that threatens our democracy with Donald Trump. Tonight, Trump has shown us again who he is — a liar and bigot who dines with literal nazis and cares only about sowing division and hate for his own political advantage.”