Maintain & Strengthen Support for Israel Among Grassroots Progressives and Democratic Leaders

We will work to maintain and strengthen support for Israel among Democratic leaders including presidential and congressional candidates as well as with the grassroots of progressive movements. We are committed to doing so because we recognize that America’s relationship with Israel, the sole democracy in the Middle East, is a mutually beneficial one based on shared values and shared interests.

Advance Policies to Ensure a Peaceful and Secure Israel

We will work to ensure Israel has the resources to defend herself, by herself, to ensure Israeli citizens — Jews and non-Jews — can live in peace and security.

Defend Israel’s Legitimacy

We will fight efforts to isolate, stigmatize or delegitimize Israel – efforts that create more conflict, not peace. Peace requires constructive engagement, as well economic and political cooperation Boycotting or stigmatizing Israel are the opposite of what is needed to promote peace.

Promote a Two-State Solution and Arab-Israeli Peace through Diplomacy and Partnership

Peace can only be achieved through diplomacy between the government of Israel and its neighbors. We support, and will promote, a two-state solution with the Palestinians, achieved through direct bilateral negotiations. We respect and support Israeli democracy and believe the Israeli people have the right to determine their own future without outside parties imposing solutions on them. The United States has an important role to play, working closely with our ally, Israel, to achieve two states for two peoples living side by side in peace and security.

Encourage American Global Leadership

We support American global leadership which is essential to promoting peace, economic opportunity and hope. We advocate for a robust foreign aid budget, including diplomacy and development, enabling all people to reach a path to freedom and security, and a better future for their children. Israel has built a record of responding to these global challenges; we will encourage joint U.S.-Israel programs, such as developing renewable energy, health care innovation, solving water shortages and improving agricultural production.

Promote Progressive Values

We are also proud of the Democratic Party’s role in leading fights for equal economic opportunity, gun safety, immigrant rights, civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, rights of LGBTQ people, as well education and environmental protection. We will continue the fight to achieve these goals, while opposing efforts to restrict or diminish these rights in U.S. law and policy. We will speak out against bigotry and discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or gender preference.

Educate and Support Democratic Leaders

We will educate and support Democratic Party leaders, including candidates for the presidency and Congress, to ensure the Democratic Party and its policies and platforms continue to uphold these principles.

“Democrats understand a strong U.S.-Israel relationship is vital for our country and a key element of our party’s agenda. Knowing the leadership of Democratic Majority for Israel, I’m confident they will play a central role in ensuring our party remains steadfast in its support for our ally and fellow democracy, Israel.”

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD)

“The relationship between the United States and Israel is a special one that is rooted in shared values, an important strategic partnership in the Middle East, perhaps the world’s toughest neighborhood, and a mutual commitment to a lasting two state solution. I look forward to working with the Democratic Majority for Israel as it advances the unbreakable U.S.-Israel bond into the future.”

Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), Chair, House Democratic Caucus

“Democrats in New Jersey and across the nation recognize that our unshakable alliance with Israel, built on shared ideals, reflects the values of our party, our countries and our future. As a proud pro-Israel Democrat, I look forward to working with Democratic Majority for Israel to deepen support for the U.S.- Israel alliance.”

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

“We must maintain the enduring bond between the United States and Israel. Our shared values of democracy, security, and self-reliance set our partnership apart, so I am thrilled the Democratic Majority for Israel formed to make sure our alliance remains strong.”

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)

“Democratic Majority for Israel is committed to fighting for the kind of progressive agenda Democrats need, including a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. I look forward to working with DMFI to maintain and strengthen our party's commitment to that agenda."

Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL), Incoming Chair of the Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa