Mark Mellman, President and CEO of Democratic Majority for Israel issued the following statement today regarding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s recent statements about pro-Israel members of Congress:

“Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s recent statement reveals both woeful ignorance and flagrant bigotry.

“America’s long-standing support for Israel reflects shared interests, shared values and the wishes of the majority the American people.

“By suggesting pro-Israel views are paid for, Congresswoman Omar has driven headlong into the gutter, slandering America’s pro-Israel community and the vast majority of her colleagues of both parties, in the House and the Senate, who back a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

“Just weeks ago, Congresswoman Omar apologized for another anti-Semitic statement she made. That she is trafficking in unabashedly anti-Semitic rhetoric again so quickly indicates that either her apology was insincere or that this bigotry is a deeply ingrained element of her thinking, or both.

“Though, in the scheme of things the point is small, Omar gets even her basic facts wrong. AIPAC, which Congresswoman Omar accused of buying support for Israel, does not rate or endorse candidates, nor contribute to them.

“Congresswoman Omar’s hateful, hurtful and harmful slander is an embarrassment to her, to the Democratic party and to the United States Congress.

“She owes her colleagues, our party and our country an apology, and even more important, sincere repentance.”