Making The Case

At Democratic Majority for Israel, we believe that supporting a strong U.S.-Israel alliance is not only wise policy but also good politics — and you don’t have to take our word for it. Polls consistently show strong support for Israel among voters. The UK Labour Party’s abysmal showing under Jeremy Corbyn demonstrated the devastating political impact of embracing anti-Israel views. Adopting that approach here would have disastrous effects for the United States and Israel. Read on as we make the case.

POLL An overwhelming majority consider themselves pro-Israel

An overwhelming majority of Americans, including Democrats and voters in battleground states, consider themselves pro-Israel, oppose reducing U.S. security aid to Israel, and want the Democratic Party platform to remain at least as pro-Israel as it was in 2016. Moreover, when it comes to votes, pro-Israel Democrats do better against Republicans than those who are not aligned with the Jewish State.

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Report A Labour of Hate: The Role of Anti-Zionist Antisemitism in Labour’s Historic 2019 Defeat

The 2019 British election saw the Labour Party suffering its worst defeat in 84 years, losing to the Conservatives and while garnering just 32% of the vote, to the Tories’ 43%. Several issues, including Brexit, played roles in Labour’s loss, the campaign dialogue, the poll data, and the post-election analyses make clear that the anti-Zionist antisemitism displayed by Labour, and its Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, played a central role in the party’s stunning defeat — a conclusion endorsed by British analysts on all sides.

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