Democratic Majority for Israel President and CEO Mark Mellman released the following statement on today’s expected House vote on the standalone supplemental aid package to Israel:

“We have urged passage of the Senate’s National Security Supplemental and are convinced it is the best way forward. While we are not pleased with some of the Senate bill’s immigration ‘reforms,’ on balance we are convinced this measure is the right approach to our national security needs.

“We are also deeply disappointed that Speaker Johnson has flip flopped again, this time bowing to Donald Trump in refusing to bring the Senate bill to the floor, and instead is playing a cynical political game with Israel aid.

“Nonetheless, Israel is at war because Hamas attacked and massacred civilians. We cannot allow politics to derail the aid Israel needs. We cannot allow our domestic divisions to send a message of weakness to our adversaries.

“We continue to support the Senate supplemental but support a yes vote on the House’s Israel aid package as well.”